Attention all Vietnamese food fans and wanna be Vietnamese food chefs!


A Vietnamese Kitchen
A Vietnamese Kitchen

Do you want to make delicious Vietnamese food that is adaptable to your own tastes? It’s easy! Let me show you how.

Share the bonding experience of Vietnamese food with your family. I want to teach you Vietnamese dishes that are so simple your children can learn with you. If your kids can boil water, they can learn Vietnamese cooking.

Many of my friends and family members love Vietnamese food. However, they are too nervous to try on their own. If this sounds like you, your worries are now the thing of the past.

For those who already have experience and want to learn more let me be your guide in exploring more daring recipes.

I am offering personal phone consultation to help you get started. Let me launch you on your journey of preparing awesome Vietnamese food. If you have certain needs or concerns, tell me about them and we can address them together. I love helping people solve their food problems.

Are you having problem accessing or purchasing the ingredients? Have no fear, Phở Queen is here. We sell exotic Vietnamese ingredients through our website: Online Ingredients

Each of my one-on-one ½ hour sessions costs $25.00.

We can talk on the phone or we can video conference via

If you wish to purchase 5 sessions, as a bonus you will have a choice of receiving
the 6th session for free OR a free autographed copy of my published Vietnamese cookbook.

I am always accessible via email. Phở Queen gets hundreds of emails per day. As my student, your emails will always have priority.

I work with Click Bank and Pay Pal so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please send email to to express interest.

I am excited to meet you and share my love of Vietnamese cooking! Happy fun eating healthy!

Yours Truly,

Phở Queen