Support Our Education Community!

Budget cuts in the federal and state funding are definitely not a positive impact for public schools and the education community. Downsizing of staff and teachers are evident. The local schools need our support more than ever. Many schools rely heavily on fundraising to provide extra support for our children.

How can you and I help? Participate in our school fundraisers and/or be active in the education community. Currently, I am promoting a fundraiser for my children's local elementary school, Dommerich. I am donating 20% for each purchase of my cookbook, A vietnamese Kitchen.
A Vietnamese Kitchen
I am extending my donation to the local school of your choice. Buy my Vietnamese cookbook today, get a great value, and make a difference to the local school - Order Now. Under special instructions, type the name of your school, PTA, or booster club, payable to, and an address so I can send a check directly to the school, PTA, or Booster Club of your choice.

Every dollar counts. Support the children by supporting the school. If we short change our schools, we will short change our future.

Thank you for your commitment in making a difference to the local education community.


Pho Queen