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Gỏi cuốn or springrolls are great appetizers because they are light and simple. Since the ingredients are mostly vegetables, the food does not set too heavy in your stomach and leaves room for the main dish. But if you eat too many springrolls in one sitting you will be filled up. This dish is composed of boiled meat, noodles, and vegetables. The ingredients are wrapped in thin rice paper and dipped into Magic Monkey Sauce or Anchovy Mix. There are many ways to prepare springrolls. This recipe provides the basic principle on how to prepare springrolls. One may use chicken instead of pork or turkey instead of shrimp. Have fun and be creative.
Springroll / summer roll Illustration
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springrolls.JPGMakes 16 springrolls                       

Preparing time: 30 to 60 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

½ bundle leaf lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces

½ pound bean sprouts

½ bundle mint leaves

½ bundle cilantro

1 pound shrimp

½ cup lemon juice

½ pound pork sirloin

1 (12-ounce) package bánh tráng rice paper

⅓ package bún rice stick noodles, cooked
Magic Monkey Sauce
 or Anchovy Mix

Clean and drain vegetables and shrimp. Boil the shrimp with lemon juice in a saucepan until the shrimp turns pink. Remove the saucepan from the heat. Peel the shells from the shrimp and de-vein (page 116). Boil the pork sirloin with 6 cups of water in a saucepan at medium high heat. Cook the pork for 15 minutes or until the pork is no longer pink. Remove the saucepan from the heat. Transfer the pork to a bowl and allow to cool. Slice the pork into thin slivers.

Cook the bún noodles. Separate the rice papers from each other. Fill a large bowl with hot water. Dip a single rice paper slightly into the bowl. Warning: Over soaking the rice paper will make wrapping difficult.

Place the rice paper flat on a plate. Place the ingredients in the following order in the center of the rice pager: a small piece of leaf lettuce, 10 to 20 strands of rice noodles, 5 to 6 bean sprouts, a small branch of mint leaves, and a few leaves of cilantro. Place 3 pieces of shrimp on top, separating them from each other. Place 3 pork slices in between the shrimp. 

Wrap all of the ingredients eggroll style. Serve as an appetizer with Magic Monkey Sauce or Anchovy Mix.