Springrolls and summer rolls are delicious and healthy appetizers. Like my mom always say "The key to a yummy roll is its sauce." It's true. The sauce enhances the flavor within.

Introducing Pho Queen's newest but oldie products.   

monkey and dragon saucesPho Queen's Specialty Peanut Sauces

What are they?

Magic Monkey Sauce is a sweet and sour dipping sauce to compliment and contrast the natural flavor of your springrolls or summer rolls. While
Magic Dragon Sauce is fiery in flavor for those who likes zesty food. The Monkey & Dragon sauces will make your toes curl and your tongue tingles with delight.

You don't have to limit these dipping sauces to only springrolls and summer rolls. Try these sauces with blend flavored food including chicken nuggets or vegetables. They will bring the magic of fun and zest back into your food. 

Pho Queen's Magic Monkey & Dragon Sauces are now available for sale. Make great gifts or for your own collection! Buy them NOW as a set for $20.95  ==> CLICK HERE