Soup Mang Cua - Asparagus Crab Soup

Vietnamese meals are very simple. A meal usually consists of plain white rice, a simple soup dish, a stir-fry vegetable and/or meat, and sometimes brined meat.

My family has a soup dish in almost every meal. We seldom drink liquids during a meal. Soup is the liquid’s substitute.

There are also noodle soups such as Phở Bò, Bún Riêu, and Bún Bò Huế. The most common noodle soup is Phở Bò. Noodle soups are a great substitute for rice when one needs a change of pace.

Often, noodle soups are prepared in large quantities. The primary reason for me to prepare large quantity is because it takes the same amount of time to prepare enough soup either for a small family of four or a large family of twelve.

The other reason is a force of habit. I grew up with a large family of nine including my parents and seven siblings.

I find it worthwhile and fun to prepare a large quantity for a feast with friends or a large family gathering.