Here's what our customers are saying about our cookbook and our classes...

"Loves Pho Queen Cooking"
Zephyr and Thaleia

Great introductory book even for those alien to vietnamese food...

"When I got this book I knew nothing about Vietnamese food. With this book you get simple instructions from the food you need to buy or what you can replace it with, all the way to detailed directions on how to prepare the food. The Vietnamese spring rolls have become one of our favorite weekly meals..." 
- R. Farre-Torrents, Los Angeles, CA

"This is a great book for a Native born Vietnamese who has been in the US for 30 years like me..."
- Hạnh Nguyễn, Manassas, VA

"…I purchased a lot of Vietnamese Cook Books but never found... until I bought your book. I really use this book a lot.
Thanks for bring me back to my root in Vietnamese cooking Ha.."
- Huệ Châu, Pekin, IL

"Ms. Roda's cookbook is a joy to use. Her recipes are easy to follow and her ingredients are not only inexpensive
but provide healthy eating for all..."
- Janine Coyle, Mar Vista, CA

"Since I learned how to make Spring Rolls in Ha Roda's class at the W. Park Library I have surprised my family. We added Tofu to the menu and everything was delicious! My family was very impressed! Thanks for teaching me how to make spring rolls."
- Dotti urshan, Winter Park, FL

We enjoyed the class!  We plan to come again! Since the class we went to one of the asian markets and bought a few things to get us started with trying some new recipes.  My daughters are planning for us to have a Vietnamese night here at our house."
- Cindy Miller, Orlando, FL