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Journey to America – My Cousin Huy’s Perspective

Escaped Death Incident

There were many scary incidents of coconut stories. Anh Huy heard of an accident where a coconut fell on a man’s head and instantly killed him. There were times when people climbed the coconut tree to pick its fruits. They slipped and fell to their death.

To this day, Anh Huy still remembered his near-death experience with a coconut.
beware falling coconuts sign
It was one lazy and hot afternoon. Anh Huy was chopping wood right under a coconut tree. The palm leaves provided great shades from the blazing sun. There were no clouds in sight. Chopping away like any other day doing his daily chores, Anh Huy was working on his last batch of wood. A strong wind swayed the palm tree swiftly above Anh Huy’s head. Oblivious to the swaying of the tree, Anh Huy continued to chop at the block of wood. Thud!!! Clear sticky juice and debris splattered over Anh Huy’s left shoulder. Anh Huy turned to his left and there was a good size coconut landing an inch by his left side. Wow, what a lucky streak! Someone must like him from above. =)

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