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My Journey to America – Life before America

Weekend Visits

My Family

 I dreaded the weekends visiting with my family. To me, my dad was a disciplinarian and my parents were strict.  We had to take afternoon naps.  We played mainly inside the house.  I didn’t like that at all.  At Bố and Mẹ Đức’s home, I didn’t take any naps.  I could do whatever I wanted.  I was always outside the house running barefoot around the neighborhood and playing with other neighborhood kids.  Well, I did have to take naps at Bố and Mẹ Đức’s home but I usually sneaked out and played when no one was looking.

Although I dragged my feet to go home for the weekend, there were many fun times with my family. Occasionally, when my dad picked me up for the long weekend, he took me to the zoo or to a movie with him.  I never complained or cried in front of him for fear of getting in trouble.  I never minded the zoo.  However, sometimes the movie was a little bit scary.  One time, my dad took me to see a Bruce Lee movie.  I was told that it was a great movie.  I remembered the sound was so loud and there was so much fighting.  I probably closed my eyes throughout the whole movie.  I was scared and didn’t like it at all.  When he asked, I don’t remember replying.

Frequently, we visited my maternal grandmother’s family, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  On the way home, my dad and my mom raced on their motorbikes to see who would get home first.  My mom had my two brothers on her scooter.  My dad had the four girls including me on his motorcycle.  I don’t remember who won and it didn’t matter. It was fun.

As time progressed, my parents were doing well financially. They bought me beautiful new clothes.   Every now and then, we dressed up and went out to eat in a nice restaurant.  I chased my sisters and brothers running around the lobby while waiting to be seated.  Even though I had fancy clothes, had fun with my siblings, went to nice restaurants, and met new people, my heart still yearned for the simple life with Bố and Mẹ Đức.

Looking back now at myself as a young girl, that was my first exposure to awareness by listening to my heart. Little did I realize in the process of listening to my heart it led me to my destiny, America. To learn more, please visit “My Journey to America – Changes in the Air.”

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