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Journey to America – My Cousin Huy’s Perspective


Anh Huy was a little rascal and a trouble maker when he was young. Bác Hoàng sent Anh Huy to live at his uncle’s house to be disciplined and stay out of trouble when he was a teenager.

Because Anh Huy did not live at home, his transition to America was easy to cover. After we left Vietnam, Anh Huy’s mom reported to the police that Anh Huy was missing. She put an ad for a missing child in the Newspaper and TV.
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At the age of 16, freedom to Anh Huy was to be free of communism. He loathed the communists. As Anh Huy grew older, the word freedom struck much deeper within his heart. Coming to America was Anh Huy’s opportunity to have the freedom of speech, religion, and way of life.

Anh Huy joined the Marines after high school in order to find himself and ways to bring freedom to Vietnam. He also fulfilled his commitment to his family of someday seeing them again. In 1991, Anh Huy sponsored his parents, two younger sisters, and one brother (total of 5) to America.

Now, Anh Huy is married and has two children of his own. He is actively involved with the Vietnamese American community in Southern California. Anh Huy treasures the fact that his children showed interest in learning more about Vietnamese culture. Every year they assist him with making the traditional Vietnamese village at the Tết festival in Little Saigon. He is a proud Vietnamese American.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my cousin’s journey and experience. What was your experience during your teenage years? Love to hear your perspective. Please leave your comments below.
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