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My Journey to America – The Journey Began

In the summer of July 1978, whispers about “America” were in the air.  North and South Vietnam have been united as one country in the spring of 1975.  Three years passed and many changes had taken place since the Vietnam War ended. Three major changes were the currency, re-education camps, and collective farming.


đồng Vietnam Cộng Hoà

The currency was the first to change by the new regime.  On September 22, 1975, the South Vietnamese Ðồng (Ðồng means dollar) is also called đồng Vietnam Cộng Hoà was exchanged for liberation đồng at the rate of 1 Liberation đồng equals 500 đồng Cộng Hoà.  The maximum one can receive was 200 Liberation đồng.  500000_dong_polymerAll citizens had to change their money.  The đồng Cộng Hoà was no longer of value.
The liberation Đồng circulated until May 2, 1978. The liberation Đồng was then replaced by the new Vietnamese đồng with 1 new đồng equals 0.8 liberation đồng.

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