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My Journey to America – Reincarnation

Lady buddha
Quan Âm Bồ Tát – Lady Buddha

From growing up with Mẹ Đức, I learned that she was religious.  I remembered there was a Mother Mary statue in one corner and a Buddha statue in the other corner.  This is common in many Vietnamese households in the late 1960s.

Frequently, I followed Bố and Mẹ Đức to our neighborhood Buddhist temple and prayed.  We also had a Catholic Church within walking distance from my house. I was always curious about what was going on in the church.  Every December, I heard beautiful music echoing throughout the neighborhood.  I occasionally sneaked and peaked through the church front window to 413px-Virgo_det_Josef_Moroderwatch and listen to their singing. I later learned that festive singing was Christmas mass.

I saw that Bố and Mẹ Đức made medicine for a living.  In addition, Mẹ Đức crocheted and knitted sweaters for special orders.  In her spare time, she read fortunes for others using cards or reading their palms.  I often asked Mẹ Đức to read my palm.  She would say I am too little.  Therefore, there was nothing there to read.  My uncle or cousins would always tease me because there were many lines on my hands. They said I have chicken scratched hands.  Other said I will have a complicated life when I grow up.  Hmmm, I wondered.

Mẹ Đức shared with me that she believed I was her reincarnated child and that I came to her in a dream.  She showed me a birthmark that I had on my temple which resembled her daughter and shared with me her dream before the day I arrived at her home.
Was it a coincidence or destiny? Did my godmother really have a dream? Am I really her reincarnated daughter? Otherwise, why would she want to take care of me? Deep in my heart, I do believe.

Do you believe in destiny or reincarnation? I would love to read your thoughts. Please write your comments below.

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